25 Self Defense secrets everyone needs to know

by Grandmaster Ted Gambordella

During my 46 years of teaching martial arts I have seen all the techniques that are used in Real World Self Defense and I know what will work in the street and I know what won’t work for the average person. The biggest problems with most self defense training programs are: 1. the techniques are too difficult to learn and too difficult for the average person to do. 2. They don’t work in the streets because the average person can’t do them in a stress or panic situation. For any self defense program to work for the average person it must meet the following requirements.

  1. It must be easily learned

  2. It must be totally effective for what is intended to do

  3. It must stop the attack and allow you get away

  4. It must not require too much strength, power or athletic ability

  5. It must be something that can be done in a panic situation

  6. It must not hurt the person doing it

  7. It must be applicable for different situations

  8. It must not be counter to your morals

  9. It must not cause the attacker to want to continue the attack

  10. It must be legal

Knowing these requirements most of the self defense programs out there fall short. They require too much time to learn, too much athletic ability, too much strength of coordination, and simply will not work in the Street.

I developed the Seven Second Self Defense System to solve all these requirements and to allow the woman to protect themselves and their families with the most effective techniques that I have learned from my 46 years of teaching Martial Arts.

I feel that there are 25 secrets that everyone should know for Self Defense. They are:

  1. Self Defense is not getting in a fight. It is stopping the first attack long enough to get away, nothing else. It is not learning to fight with a deranged lunatic intend to killing you. It is stopping the initial attack, and getting away

  2. Hitting the eyes, the throat and the groin will always stop the attack.

  3. Being aware of your surroundings is ½ of any self defense program

  4. “Being prepared” is your best defense technique

  5. Don’t put yourself in a situation where there is no escape

  6. Don’t let alcohol or drugs be a contributing factor requiring self defense.

  7. Your life and health are worth more than your desire to not hurt the attacker

  8. You don’t have to use muscle, speed or power to stop an attack

  9. The first Seven Seconds of an attack determine whether you will live or die or be captured.

  10. No one is going to help you so don’t expect it

  11. Make your initial response overwhelming

  12. Relax and breath during the attack and your defense

  13. Use a weapon if you have one.

  14. Never leave the scene of the original attack. Don’t go with them.

  15. Do everything with bad intentions

  16. Don’t get into a conversation with an attacker

  17. Don’t give up, don’t stop defending until you are free

  18. Don’t get caught by surprise or “sucker punched”

  19. Confidence is created by proper training

  20. You don’t have to be bigger or stronger to get away

  21. The best way to escape a dangerous situation is not to get in it

  22. Self Defense is very mental

  23. When the technique is done right it works every time

  24. Have an alternate plan if your first response does not work

  25. Remember the 4 “P’s” of Self Defense. Plead, Pray, Punch, Puke.

I can elaborate for a few paragraphs for each of these points and I can include photos from my Seven Second Self Defense Program. I will even allow your readers to access the Seven Second Self Defense System Online for FREE. They can see the books and view the actual videos for FREE.

Please let me know your interest in this article and Free training for your readers.

Grandmaster Ted Gambordella

 9th Degree Black Belt
41 Years teaching experience
World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1998
Grandmaster Instructor of the Year 2000
International Weapons Master Instructor of Year 2001
Martial Arts Weapons Hall of Fame 2001
World Head of Family Sokeship Council 1999
Martial Art Legends Hall of Fame 2001
Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame 2002
World Black Belt Hall of Fame 2003
3 Times US Karate Sparring Champion
2 Times US Karate Weapons Champion