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Some of the online training Videos and Books you will receive weekly with your MAMA Membership.

It is our Goal to provide a New Training Video each week, plus news books for instant downloading.

These are full length training videos that sell for $19 each on the Web. Most are over 1 hour in length.

You will get over $1000 in Video Training

  1. 20 Deadliest No Gi Jiu Jitsu Finishes

  2. Basic Jiu Jitsu

  3. Street Jiu Jitsu

  4. Master Chokes

  5. Master the Nunchaku's

  6. Master the Knife

  7. Master the Bo

  8. Master the Tonfa

  9. Master the Gambretta

  10. Master Escrima Sticks

  11. Master the Cane

  12. Secrets of Martial Arts Masters

  13. End of Injury

  14. Jiu Jitsu 101

  15. Children's Self Defense Clinic

  16. Women's Self Defense Clinic

  17. Basic Wrist Locking

  18. Advanced Wrist Locks

  19. Secrets of Flexibility

  20. 6 Pack Abs

  21. Combat Conditioning

  22. Flexibility Secrets

  23. Police Jiu Jitsu

  24. Kick Boxing Secrets

  25. Stretch Tube Exercises

  26. Stretch Tubing Exercises for Martial Arts

  27. Sit Down Stretch Tubing Exercises

  28. Basic Wrestling

  29. Jiu Jitsu Finishes

  30. Jiu Jitsu for teens

  31. Obsessive Mental Attitude

Many more to be added. MAMA members will have access to the

Here are some of the Books you can download with instant access with your MAMA membership.

Over $500 in Books.

Complete Black Belt Weapons Training

  1. Mastering the Nunchaku

  2. Mastering the Sai

  3. Mastering the Knife

  4. Mastering the BO

  5. Mastering the Staff

  6. Mastering the Yawara

  7. Mastering the Tonfa

  8. Cane Jitsu

  9. Weapons of the Street

  10. Tonfa Tactics


Complete Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Training

  1. The Complete Book of Take Downs

  2. The Complete Book of Wrist Locks

  3. The Complete Book of Jiu Jitsu Throws

  4. The Complete Book of Jiu Jitsu

  5. The Amazing Secret of KI

  6. Cane Jitsu

  7. Street Jiu Jitsu

  8. Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters

  9. Complete Book of Chokes



Complete Martial Arts / Fitness Training Program

  1. End of Injury

  2. Martial Arts Secrets of Fitness

  3. The Complete Book of One Steps

  4. How to Develop A Perfect Body

  5. How to Develop A Perfect Waistline 



Complete Self Defense Training

  1. How to Win Any Fight

  2. Fight For Your Life

  3. 100 Deadliest Karate Moves

  4. Fight Dirty

  5. Oriental Philosophy

  6. Time Out for Bullies

  7. Seven Days to Self Defense

  8. World Champion Troy Dorsey’s Kick Boxing Secrets

Oriental Philosophy 

  1. Oriental Philosophy

  2. O.M.A. Obsessive Mental Attitude

  3. The Book of 5 Rings

   Military/Martial Arts Training Books

  1. Army Hand to Hand Combat Field Manual

  2. Major Fairbain’s Hand to Hand Combat Guide

  3. Col Rex Applegate’s Kill or Get Killed

  4. The U.S. Navy Seals Physical Fitness Guide

  5. The U.S. Army Physical Fitness Guide

  6. The Text Book of Close Combat

  7. Icelandic Wrestling

  8. Medical Platoon Leaders Handbook

  9. First Aid

  10. The Di Grassi Classic Self Defense Manual



Greatest Online Training Library in the World.








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