Students are Welcome to Join MAMA?

As a student you will be qualified for all online training and you can receive promotions with a Video Test!

Now you can train with the Greatest Martial Arts Masters in the World!

The Martial Arts Masters Association's goal is to unify ALL Martial Artists in spirit by offering services and guidance. These service include:

  • The finest Martial Arts Membership Program in the world.
  • A National and International Seminar program to provide expert instruction in the Martial Arts to all members
  • Fair promotion systems for all Martial Arts with clearly stated rank requirements for both lower grades and black belt members in all Martial Arts
  • The most beautiful Life Membership and Rank Promotion certificates in the industry.  [Click here to see examples]


Students will all the training and benefits. Students are not eligible for FREE memberships. This is reserved for MASTERS ONLY.


Join as Lifetime Member Online Special Limited Time Price of only


Membership Benefits

  •  A New Online Training Video & Book every 10 Days. You will receive a link to download a new online training video and Book Every 10 Days Week for a full Year.  WOW!


Embroidered MAMA Patch

MAMA Diploma with your Rank

  • Recognition on the official MAMA Web Site
  • Tickets for Attendance at the MAMA Banquet
  • Free or Discounted attendance to sanctioned MAMA seminars and training events across America and the World.
  • Discounts on Martial Arts Equipment
  • An opportunity to have your books and video published by MAMA, sold worldwide and creating a lifetime revenue stream for you and your family.  We will offer full programs and instructions for writing books, producing videos and self publishing these books and videos. With the new copyright laws, you will own the rights to these books and video for life and create a lifetime source of revenue for you and your family.
  • Belt Ranking Certifications
  • Video Testing


Contact: for more info


Membership Fees

Life Membership Fee $50.00
Registration of Current Rank (each) $25.00

Promotion Fees

Promotion For Ranks Below Black Belt $25.00
Promotion to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) $50.00
Promotion to Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) $50.00
Promotion to Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) $50.00
Promotion to Yondan (4th Degree Black Belt) $50.00
Promotion to Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) $50.00
Promotion to Rokudan (6th Degree Black Belt) $50.00
Promotion to Shichidan (7th Degree Black Belt) $50.00
Promotion to Hachidan (8th Degree Black Belt) $50.00
Promotion to Kudan (9th Degree Black Belt) $50.00
Promotion to Judan (10th Degree Black Belt) $50.00

Other Certifications & Fees

Certified Instructor $50.00
Certified Examiner $50.00
Senior Certified Instructor $75.00
Senior Certified Examiner $75.00
Master Certified Instructor $100.00
Master Certified Examiner $100.00
Local Referee & Judge $20.00
Regional Referee & Judge $30.00
National Referee & Judge $40.00
International Referee & Judge $50.00
Local Judge for Forms Competition $20.00
Regional Judge for Forms Competition $30.00
National Judge for Forms Competition $40.00
International Judge for Forms Competition $50.00

 Special Limited Time Price of only


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